Communities of Owners

The service of administration of Communities of Owners consists in managing the day-to-day of a building in a regime of horizontal ownership (with different co-owners) to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities, services and utlities and supplies of the building , wear prevention and proper maintenance.

The main tasks of this service are the following:

  • Elaboration and application of an annual budget of income and expenses.
  • Distribution of the fees to be paid by the owners according to their participation (coefficients) for each type of expense.
  • Elaboration and collection of receipts.
  • Announcement and celebration of board of owners meetings and managing of the sessions book of the community of owners.
  • Planning and Management of the maintenance services of the Community. Attention of reparations.
  • Management of the building insurance and processing of the parts for incidents that may occur.
  • Informative communications to the owners
  • Custody of community documentation: invoices, budgets, contracts, etc.
  • Compliance with regulatory developments that may arise.